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Generative AI is here to stay. Join our 2024 program to develop
a cutting-edge MVP and hit the metrics seed investors demand.
We accept one startup every month.

The Program


Every successful venture begins with a simple idea. We will assist you during the most critical stage of product definition and market fit by making your vision into reality.


Your startup deserves the best MVP execution plan. We develop cutting-edge SaaS and AI MVPs across various industry verticals to efficiently execute your idea. 

Go To Market

Releasing a product requires a deep understanding of your target customers. We help analyze, research, and identify your target and assist you with your first steps in raising money

Our Portfolio

Empowering industries to dramatically cut energy costs and emissions through innovative air-pressure leak detection technology.
Tracking the performance of young talents in the sports field within youth national teams, training a success prediction model
An AI based startup platform that engages members with new purpose as well as with each other while bringing value to the local community
Gaming within the sports industry, AR powered personalized game commentary
Payment solution provider that allows customers to buy and pay in three installments without any additional interest.
raised $727.5M (Unicorn)
Main field - Fintech
Enlarge patient engagement in clinical studies with completing mundane tasks in an interactive way.
(Aquired by AliraHealth)
Main field - Digital health/AI
Visual AI and personalization system for eCommerce websites.
Main field – Fashion/ AI
Instant nutritional estimations based on a single photo. Empowering dietitians and caregivers to monitor food intake along the entire patient journey.
Main field – Medical/ AI
A reusable NFC smart cup that connects people at mass events
Main field – IOT
Environmental non-profit organization that displays a map with real-time updates on waste recycling and disposal.
Main field – Saas
A neighbourhood distance-based marketplace.
Main field – Social platform
A smart robotic switch for physical switch control
Main field – IOT

The Team

Ariela Beniluz
Tal Catran
Head Of Program
Eli Swed
Yaakov Diminsky
Chief Scientist
Yegor Cotov
Chief R&D
Elay Guez
Biz Dev Manager


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