From idea to a fundable startup in just 120 days

In today business environment NO investor will finance an Entrepreneur or an early stage startup based on it’s idea only. No - not even if the presentation and story-telling are truly first grade! To be fundable or reach business partnerships one must present a valid idea, trained team, clean company structure and mainly future business perspective based on at least an initial product and early user metrics. TLV generator is the first program that will provide all that by high quality, experienced team within 120 days and for realistic fee.


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The first program that would accelerate both your product & yourself (or your team) 

Focusing your idea

Defining your product

Develop an MVP: Minimum Viable Product

User metrics makes funding easier

Upgrade your entrepreneurial skills

Top notch mentoring and guidance

Center location offices @ Merkspace Tel Aviv

Support of key players in the startup scene

Investments, banks, legal & CPA

Good old fashion Demo Day

Bootstrapping-friendly rates: Product is included!

Bank financing are available at preferred terms